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Integrated Math I meets during 4th and 8th periods.

  • Sample

    If you look on the Math II pages, there is a sample of a quiz there. It's not a Math I topic, but this may help give students an idea of what I am expecting.  

    Below is a sample:

    Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres.  Read and review then design a quiz.  Provide both questions and answers.  Can do in columns. 


    What is the surface area of a cylinder with radius of 3 ft. and height of 2 ft. ?                     


    To find surface area of a cylinder, use

    SA = 2(pi)rh + 2(pi)r2

         =2(3.14)(3)(2) + 2(3.14)(3)(3) =  37.68 + 56.52 = 94.2 sq. ft.


    Each question must include the question, work, and answer.

  • Assignment Integrity

    Students are expected to produce their own work.  Students may help each other while practicing appropriate social distancing.  However, if one student's "QUIZ" matches another's verbatim, both students will be expected to try again.  

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