English II {3rd period}  

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  • New Updates {Friday, May 1st}

    1)  SENIOR DRIVE THRU {Friday, May 1st at 7:45 pm}

          Students will:
              **Leave CHS and pass CJH
              **Turn right onto Washington and drive by CES
              **Turn right onto Underwood and move toward Briarwood
              **Drive by Briarwood and the Central Office
              **Turn right onto Schools Drive and pass by CHS and 
                 CJH and turn behind CJH towards the football stadium
              **Park in the student parking lot at CHS and there will be
                 dedication video for the seniors

                 !!!  REMAIN IN VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES  !!!
           *Forward any videos you make to Randy Shannon at

    2)  Food boxes and Grab-N-Go on Wednesdays from 10:30 am
         to 12:00 pm

    3)  GRADES:  Semester 2 {3rd and 4th nine weeks} will be the         students' 3rd nine weeks report card grade.  Students have         the opportunity to increase that grade by completing English       exercises from the student packets provided by the school         and by taking and passing AR tests.  If any student is                 participating in a book club with one of our teachers, please       text me who you are reading with!  This will also increase           your grade.

    4)  Graduation is Friday, June 12, at 7:30 pm.

    5)  Personal property can be picked up at the school from 9 am       to 1 pm Monday through Friday.

  • Questions/Concerns

    Any questions and concerns regarding links, usernames and passwords, etc. can be emailed to student.support@bcos.org.

  • Hello, 3rd period!

    Hey, guys!  Most importantly...I miss you so so much!

    Next, if you were not impressed with your 3rd nine weeks grade, you have the opportunity to improve that grade!  If you signed up for the Book Club, please email me and let me know which book and with whom you are reading.  This will definitely help raise your score.  

    Also, daily writing will get you some points, too.  You can write about anything!  Here are some ideas:

    • Responding to a book or article you have read lately
    • Narrative story about anything that has happened to you since we were released from school a few weeks ago
    • A fictional story about anything
    • Step-by-step essay of something you've made during quarantine {no more than 1 page}
    • Your choice!  The possibilities for writing activities are endless!}

    These are NOT mandatory, but they are recommended if you want to raise that grade!  Taking AR tests, completing assignments in Common Lit, NoRedInk, or Vocabulary.com are all ways to improve your grade.

    If you think of something you would like to do, email me!  We can figure it out together!


    I am including the Class Code for Google Classroom.  If you have not signed in, please, please do so asap!  Some of you have signed in already.  This is a new code because I cannot get my other one to open.  Please sign in again using the new code!



    Love and miss you!

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